To Make You True

To make you true, O God of love. We long to see your face,
to know your will, to know you care that we are filled with fear.
How can we know, that you are here? How can we know you care?
When earth is just a speck of dust adrift in endless space.

To make you true, O God of grace. We long to hear your word,
to know you hear the prayers we pray, to know life's not absurd.
How can we know that you are real? How can we trust in you?
When death is sure for all that lives. Did it take your life, too?

To make you true, O God of light. We long to see the way,
to live with hope, to live with love, to face our death with faith.
So, we will live what we can't know, to make your love be true.
We will not let you leave us here to face the dark alone.

Words by Robert Traer. © Robert Traer 2016