This Is My Prayer

This is my prayer, O God of love and mercy, 
for young and old and children yet unborn.
A prayer for earth, for flowers and for forests, 
for autumn leaves and shining icy frost.
A prayer for all, who love the land and sky, 
who kiss the wind and bless the butterflies.

This is my prayer, O Christ of life and passion, 
for all who know of God's love through your death.
May we cry out for justice and for freedom, 
may we be bold in hope and love and faith.
In our earth home, our place in time and space, 
may we now find a way to live in peace.

This is my prayer, O Spirit of forgiveness, 
that we will find your mercy in our hearts.
When we despair, and fear the coming darkness, 
help us to see that we can do our part.
May we now live with thankfulness and wonder, 
with faith that cares for all life on the earth.


Words by Robert Traer.
Music arranged and recorded by Robert Traer. © Robert Traer 2016