God of Love, I Long for You

O God of love, I long for you.  Come, let me know your word is true.
Where are you now, when I'm alone?  Are you too good for flesh and bone?
Or did you walk with us on earth?  How could you bear a woman's birth?
Were you a Jew, a man, alive?  Why would you enter life  to die?

The God of sky and earth and sea, hardly could care for such as me.
A child of dust, who lives and dies, far from God's heavenly par - a - dise.
Why should I hope that you might care?  Why should I put my trust in prayer?
Children are crying, can't you hear?  How can you bear to see their tears?

If you are God, you must be here, among all those who live in fear.
If you are love, you have to know what it is like to fall so low.
Help me to find you everywhere that children cry and people care.
Be will me now, so I may be a faithful witness to your peace.

Words by Robert Traer.
Music arranged and recorded by Robert Traer

 Bob@rtraer.com © Robert Traer 2016