God of Earth and Sea and Sky

God of earth and sea and sky, tell us why we have to die?
Tell us why the stars and sun will burn out when time is done?
Help us understand it all, why creation and the fall?
Why the morning and the night? Why the dark and why the light?

God of love we want to know, why on earth our blood must flow?
Why our hearts are full of hate? Why we think that war is great?
Help us understand it all, why your judgment and your call?
What you want us all to do? What it means to follow you?

God of life and love and death, God who gives and takes our breath,
Do you suffer as we do? Will you see our story through?
Help us understand it all, so we will accept your call.
And then find you everywhere children cry and people care.


Words by Robert Traer.
Music arranged and recorded by Robert Traer.

 Bob@rtraer.com © Robert Traer 2016