We Three Kings

We three kings have come from afar. Bearing gifts, we follow your star.
Jesus, born to rule with justice, lead us to where you are.


O, star of wonder, star of night, star that burns with beauty bright,
Lead us on, for we will follow, guide us through the dark of night.


Born so poor, but soon to be king, for your crown, pure gold I bring.
Rule with justice, end all tyranny; and on earth let freedom ring.



Frankincense to Mary I bring, with a fragrance fit for a king.
God of glory, we will serve you; with hope and joy we sing.



Myrrh I bring, its bitter perfume, warns us of a time of gloom.
When his dead and broken body lies in a cold, stone tomb.


Glorious now, behold the child; son of Mary, meek and mild.
God now calls us all to follow him, to become reconciled.


An American carol.
Words edited by Robert Traer.

 Bob@rtraer.com © Robert Traer 2016