In the Dark of Winter

In the dark of winter, when the sun is low. 
Frost appears upon the ground, skies release their snow. 
Cold wind makes us shiver, as we come and go.
In the dark of winter, when the sun is low.

Has death won a victory?  Will the earth revive? 
Will the love we know and share, keep our hopes alive? 
In the dark and hardened ground: Will seeds grow once more?
In our dark and burdened hearts: Will our faith survive?

Then we tell of Jesus, born in Bethlehem. 
In a lowly stable, outside a full inn. 
As his mother, Mary, nursed him in the night,
Angels sang their carols, and a star burned bright.

Shepherds came to see him, kings came bearing gifts. 
In the dark of winter, time began to shift. 
When the morning sun arose, birds began to sing.
So on Christmas morning, we remember him.

In the dark of winter, when we’re feeling low. 
Then we share with those we love, gifts that tell them so. 
And we sing of Jesus, who was crucified,
So we all might live in peace, and keep hope alive.

Sung to the traditional English carol, "In the Bleak Midwinter".
Words by Robert Traer. © Robert Traer 2016