Almighty God?

America’s Sin 

As Christian Citizens


Called to Be Neighbors

Care of the Soul 

Changing the Past

Christian Conscience 

A Christmas Faith? 

Come Holy Spirit


Deliver Us from Evil 

Doubting Thomas 

Earth Home 

Earth Story

Easter As Irony


Facing Fear with Faith 

Facing the Great Tempter

Fair Trade?

Faith and Ethics 

Faith as Practice

Faith in Christ is Liberating

Faith in the Power of Good  

To Follow Jesus

Forgiving God? 

Forgiving Love 

The Fourth Freedom 

Free in Christ

Giving Thanks for Family 

God in Three Persons

A Healthy Faith 

I Wonder

In Christ

Is the Christian Story True?

Is Faith Blind? 

Is God a Person? 

James the Just 

John the Baptist

Jubilee 2000 

King of the Jews

Living Truth  

Luke’s Christmas Story 

Making Sense of the New Testament

Mary, the Mother of Jesus 

Mary Magdalene 

Matthew’s Christmas Story

Noah and the Flood: An Ironic Allegory

One Nation Under God

An Open Canon

Open Hearts?

Open Minds? 

Original Blessing

Our Elders in Faith

Overcome Evil with Good

Palm Sunday 

Peasant Prophet of Galilee

Prisca’s House Church 

Proclaiming the Gospel in a Pluralistic World

The Promise of Resurrection 

Right and Wrong 

Scripture Fulfilled?

Should Christians Proselytize?

The Sin of Hypocrisy 

Sown Like Seeds 

Spiritual Stuff?

View from the Red Tent 

What Does God Expect? 

What Does Salvation Mean?

What Is Our Good News?

What Is Revealed By Scripture?

When God Is Silent

Where is Creation Going?

Who Were the Samaritans?

Whose Promised Land?

Why Mission? What Mission? 

Women with the Apostles 

The Word Made Flesh 

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