Reformed Confessions

The Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Churches each have traditions concerning the interpretation of scripture that precede and differ from the Reformed tradition, which sought to renew the importance of scripture in the life of the church's witness.  All Protestant denominations, despite their differences, are part of the Reformed tradition of Christian faith.  

The following excerpts from Reformed confessional statements, which were written in the past 500 years to guide the witness of Protestant churches, provide guidelines for reading the Christian Bible.

Excerpt about scripture from the Scots Confession (1560)

    Full text of the Scots Confession

Excerpt about scripture from the Second Helvetic Confession (1566)

    Full text of the Second Helvetic Confession

Excerpt about scripture from the Westminister Confession (1646)

    Full text of the Westminister Confession

Excerpt about scripture from the Shorter Catechism (1649)

    Full text of the Shorter Catechism 

Excerpt about scripture from the Declaration of Barmen (1934)

    Full text of the Declaration of Barmen

Excerpt about scripture from the Presbyterian Confession of 1967 (1967)

    Full text of the Confession of 1967 

In 1983 the two largest Presbyterian churches in the United States reunited to form the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), which has prepared a Brief Statement of the Reformed faith.

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